Who we support

The Trust favours applications from:
Smaller UK animal welfare charities, UK Charities whose primary focus is on Cats and Dogs, UK Charities where at least one set of up-to-date annual accounts is available for inspection, UK Charities which demonstrate an active re-homing and rehabilitation policy for animals taken into their care

The Trust will not normally support:
Applications from individuals, Charities registered outside the UK, Charities offering sanctuary to animals with no effort to re-home, foster or rehabilitate, Charities that do not have a realistic non-destruction policy, Charities mainly engaged with the preservation of specific species of wild animals, Charities involved with assistance animals e.g. Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, Riding for the Disabled etc. Charities with available reserves equal to more than one year’s expenditure will not qualify for consideration unless it can be demonstrated that reserves are being held for a designated project, Charities that spend more than a reasonable proportion of their annual income on administration or cannot justify their costs per animal helped.